I try to express my absolute love for nature through the Ball-point Pen and Water-colour sketches I create... I have a passion for South Africa and the amazing nature that we have to share with the world and by doing these sketches; I hope to capture that unspoiled beauty that God has given us. Most people ask me “why Pen? Isn’t that difficult and time-consuming?”And my answer is simple...YES! But after many years of practice and experimentation, I have come to understand the

This is anew range of Acrylic paintings that Iam busy with, more of a long term goal actually, dedicated to the past, present and future of South Africa.They are detailed and colourful paintings of our towns and cities,with aspects that specifically represent them. I began this new journey when I came across a RussianArtists'( Nicolaj Korelov's)work in Prague, which inspired me so much that 5 years later I came up with my own version of our countries treasure

I am fascinated by people as each one of us is so very different from the other with something unique and special, almost like a hidden talent beneath the facade. I try to capture the essence of that person: the personality and the soul. That is why the eyes are the most important to me, as a look can speak volumes! I use different mediums in this category, because I feel I am constantly growing and learning each time I work with colour. For example, there are so many aspects that comp

In Memory of Jean Huliciar Snr, SOLD
Nadia Huliciarova,In Memory of Jean Huliciar Snr, ...

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