I am fascinated by people as each one of us is so very different from the other with something unique and special, almost like a hidden talent beneath the facade. I try to capture the essence of that person: the personality and the soul. That is why the eyes are the most important to me, as a look can speak volumes!

I use different mediums in this category, because I feel I am constantly growing and learning each time I work with colour. For example, there are so many aspects that complete a persons’ skin tone, layer upon layer that build up the texture and colour, so it makes sense to sometimes use more than one medium.

I often add hobbies and likes into the portraits to showcase a little more of the personality of the subject, so that even a stranger can communicate with the artwork and the person illustrated.

 Nadia Huliciarova, Andre and Tiger, A2, Colour Pencil, SOLD

 Nadia Huliciarova, Andre Pretorius, A2, Colour Pencil, SOLD 

 Nadia Huliciarova, Andre Pretorius, A3, Colour Pencil, PRIVATE COLLECTION

 Nadia Huliciarova, Brian Habana, A2, Colour Pencil, SOLD

 Nadia Huliciarova, Golfers, A3, Colour Pencil, SOLD

 Nadia Huliciarova, Harley Davidson Ruimsig, A3, Colour Pencil, DONATION

Nadia Huliciarova, The Hartman Brothers, A3, Colour Pencil, PRIVATE COLLECTION 

Nadia Huliciarova, Leela Van Der Bank, Acrylic Painting , PRIVATE COLLECTION

Nadia Huliciarova, Schumie, A3, Colour Pencil, PRIVATE COLLECTION 
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